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Virtual System Protection

Virtual machine backup is a critical component of your backup and recovery plan. Tools provided by your hypervisor vendor may not be sufficient to achieve desired levels of business continuity. Find application consistent VSS based backup/restore integrity, fast reliable file-level recovery options backed by decades of Paragon file system experience, flexible recovery options with proven support for migration to dissimilar environments, customizable policy based replication and retention settings, bootable WinPE based recovery environment, simple user interface with integrated help and tips, detailed notification and reporting, and more.


Paragon offers high-speed agentless backup, replication and advanced recovery options for VMs:

  • Agentless backup of online and offline VMs - significantly enhance backup speed, while minimizing the load on target machines and the hypervisor during the backup process.
  • Agentless replication of online and offline VMs – for instant recovery of virtual machines that support first tier applications, Paragon Protect & Restore offers agentless VM Replication as the restore method with the fastest RTO.
  • Agent-based backup of physical machines, other hypervisor clients, fault-tolerant virtual machines and ESX free solutions
  • Instant file level recovery – recover a file from any guest OS and file system directly from a block-level backup – without booting the VM.
  • Paragon VHD (pVHD), optimized for storing backups of virtual and physical machines – this cutting-edge backup image format provides exceptional security, compression ratio, and integrity control.
  • Centralized Management - an easy-to-use management console saves time and prevents errors when creating backup and retention policies or performing backups or restores. The console can be conveniently accessed from any machine within the network.

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"Paragon’s backup and restore software has proven itself many times over with quick, easy and reliable recoveries."
Doug Dragich,Systems Engineer
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